They are all going down. Team Trump are now on the offense. I have stated this all along and my track record defined below serves as my record. The de-class is underway. Ukraine is the most recent failed illegal treasonous coupe d etat and it too is being exposed and imploding upon them as I stated the day the story broke on Firepower with Will Johnson. And for those who take cheap shots at me and folks like me, are either ill-informed, weak, with little faith, or on the wrong side of history with the enemy. Wake up.

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My track record is well documented here on this website with over 400 articles. My book “Trump and the Resurrection of America”, reveals all. The media interviews and public speeches available on this website and on my YouTube Channel, states the issues very clearly.


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That’s it for now. I’m traveling and speaking across the state of Florida this week. Fellow patriots and people of the world who are watching us closely, know this. They are all going down. We are winning. Pray for President Trump and his family and get with the program.


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John Michael Chambers

John Michael Chambers

John is upsetting apple carts everywhere he goes with his no holds barred speech on the Deep State, the cost of illegal immigration, voter fraud and current topics Patriots are talking about. Wow! John Michael Chambers has spoken publicly to date in over forty cities, eight states and three countries where he addresses the impact of globalization and the changes and challenges facing not only Americans but all of humanity. His speech always covers the most critical political and economic issues of the day as President Trump takes on the Deep State and the Shadow Government. John continues his book signing public speaking tour all across America.

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