October 1, 2019

Dustin Nemos

A Conversation About The State of the World

Please welcome entrepreneur and QAnon Expert Dustin Nemos author of #1 bestseller, Qanon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening who is one of the most prominent voices in the truth movement today.
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* What is Q

Truth Teller (in a Time of Deception) Censored Journalist, Loving Father, Proud Patriot, MSM Maligned & Bestselling Author of (QAnon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening (DustinNemos.com) and Problem Solver, Ascendant Influencer, Humbled Autodidact, Over Stressed Polymath, Armchair Philosopher (VoluntaryIST), Austrian Economist, Red-Pilled Historian. Student of Alternative Healing, Animal Friend, and Agricultural Dreamer. Former Dream-building Waiter & Terrible Bartender, Serial Entrepreneur, Reluctant Warrior and Vigilant Watcher on the Walls. Captain (sort of), Brother, Grandson.

"I will persist until I succeed". "I don't want war, but if it must come. Let it come in my time, so that my children may know peace."

This is my story so far. I invite you to be part of it.

Dustin Nemos


So much has happened since we last met. I will provide an update of where we are presently and where I believe we are heading as the de-class is now imminent. Let's have a big turnout for Dustin Nemos. Invite at least one person to join us. Dustin's subject matter and hands on action will provide us a wealth of insights.
See you soon...JMC

Each Sarasota Patriot monthly forum includes the "News behind the News" with John Michael Chambers

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6:00 PM: Doors Open - Arrive Early for Meet and Greet - Refreshments

6:30 PM - 6:45 PM : Introduction . Announcements . Q&A

6:45 PM - 7:15 PM: John Michael Chambers . News Behind the News Updates

7:15 PM - 7:30 PM: Updates from Dr. Kirk Elliott live on screen

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM : Keynote Speaker, Includes Q&A

8:30 PM - 9:00 PM: - Extended Q&A - Talk with the speaker

9:00 PM Building is secured


Join us Tuesday, October 1st at 6:30 PM

2070 Waldemere Street

Sarasota, Florida 34239

Fire Station - 2nd Floor to Training Conference Center

Bring your friends, family and associates.
Spread the word - "Freedom, it's up to US"

See you then!