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Archive for December 2019


Impeachment you say? Trump the only President to be impeached by the House. Exonerated by the Senate and reelected by a landslide. IGII – FISA – EPSTEIN – ASSANGE – DURHAM – NSA DATA COLLECTION – Get ready my friends we have a front row seat for the show of a lifetime! The Storm Is…

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Video Commentary – Death of Globalism and News Behind the News

Trump and the Death of Globalism China will lose  Kevin Shipp on Ukraine Schiff falsifying records, may be found guilty of conspiracy Hunter Biden Moves To Seal Embarrassing Records That Would Be Used ‘Maliciously’ By Media, Report Says Federal judge delays Michael Flynn’s sentencing until after IG report release Hong Kong protesters praise Trump, Congress…

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Death of Globalism

Commentary and Analysis by John Michael Chambers The news that really never makes the news, certainly not the trending news of the day, is how President Trump is leading the world away from globalism and a tyrannical global police state. All indications are that Boris Johnson will lead the way against globalist policies in the…

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