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Archive for November 2019

Issues of our Times

John joins Pete Santilli for the full hour covering the critical issues of our times – a praised and very well received broadcast. THE FULL HOUR – JOHN ENTERS AT 1:06:36 Watch Interview

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Impeachment Trump vs Deep State – What’s Next?

We are now officially told by the President and by members of Congress that the long anticipated IGII FISA report will be released to the public on December 9, 2019. Timing and optics. The time has come.  We also are told that the IG Horowitz will be testifying before committee on December 11, 2019. This…

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Assassination Attempt!

As reported by Mike Adams of Natural News and Alex Jones of INFOWARS (both heavily attacked and censored), the unexpected urgent trip to Walter Reed for President Trump turned out to be another assassination attempt. Soon as I heard of this visit to Walter Reed I questioned this immediately. Why? Because there have been several…

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Innovation is Truly Possible

As, S. Res. 378 ( Introduced in the Senate on 10/24/19) states, the resolution “expresses the sense of the Senate that the House of Representatives should, consistent with long-standing practice and precedent, prior to proceeding any further with its impeachment investigation into President Donald J. Trump, vote to open formal impeachment inquiry and provide President…

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Another Coup Bites the Dust

I’m not going to invest my time and write an in depth analysis of the latest coup to bite the dust. Watch this clip below. I enter at time marker 8:45. In this interview with a former Obama Ambassador, I called it way back then. There is no whistle blower and there is nothing to…

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Coming Soon…

This will be a daily broadcast, Monday-Thursday with a special guest each Friday. Live streamed to 100 platforms. Pilots begin in December. Program launches January 2020MAGA – WWG1WGA

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