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A Little About Sarasota Patriots for Trump

To inform, educate and awaken the public inspiring positive action to resurrect America. To see that our elected officials reinstate, protect, defend and adhere to the Constitution of the United States protecting and defending her from enemies both foreign and domestic.

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Low Lying Fruit About To Be Plucked

By John Michael Chambers / 0

The hunters have now become the hunted. They are all going down. It’s either us or them. I for one, do not think Trump is in this to lose. You…

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September 11, 2001 What Have We Learned?

By John Michael Chambers / 0

September 11, 2001 What Have We learned? May God bless the fallen, the families and all those affected by the tragic events of September 11, 2001 and may God bless…

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Levels and Layers They Are All Going Down

By John Michael Chambers / 0

What we must come to understand is that this peaceful overthrow of the deep state and he shadow government has begun. Quite frankly, it began about three years ago but…

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By John Michael Chambers / 0

Welcome to the forum. Post your content and hear and chat with fellow patriots!

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Robotic Hypnotic Flock

By John Michael Chambers / 3

Thank goodness people are waking up all over the world. But sadly, and especially in America, many are beyond asleep at the wheel. You know, the lights are on but…

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Are You Still Supporting the Deep State With Your Votes?

By John Michael Chambers / 1

Yes this painting is real. Bill Clinton (and many, many others soon to be fully revealed), have been to Epstein’s Pedophile Island.  I wrote about this at the end of…

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Sleepy, Creepy Joe Leads Trump in Polls – Nonsense!

By John Michael Chambers / 1

Is Biden really leading in the polls? Nonsense. While President Trump broke the attendance record in his recent New Hampshire rally with over 12,000 inside and thousands more outside, Biden…

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