Get ready for a very turbulent but rewarding 2018!!  This is a rather long article but well worth reading about what is about to be revealed.  In short the total exoneration of our president and the total corruption of the Clinton/Obama machine and the “Deep State.” Here's what Horowitz and his 450 agents were specifically tasked with investigating, and what they have been pursuing QUIETLY since January.

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Remember WHO it is that's been investigating the DOJ/FBI since January and who is now slow rolling ‘some’ of the evidence out in advance of his soon-to-be-released report to prepare the public for it's explosive revelations:

This isn't Judicial Watch or members of Congress doing their own investigations that uncovered the #FusionGPS/FBI/DOJ nexus of corruption. 


It's this DOJ Inspector General who's been QUIETLY doing his work in the background since January while EVERYBODY focused on Mueller.


Strzok, Page, the Ohrs, Hillary's campaign funding the Trump dossier thru #FusionGPS & trying to hide it by running the $ through a law firm? 


The DOJ IG is the guy who uncovered all of this.


Since nobody even knows who this guy is, allow me to introduce you to the DOJ IG: his name is Michael Horowitz. 


When Horowitz announced last January he'd been tasked with investigating the DOJ/FBI for political fixing, it received so little media attention even 'I' didn't hear about. 


Literally NOBODY at the time in the media paid any attention at all to this official announcement on January 12th, 2017.…



Here's what Horowitz and his 450 agents were specifically tasked with investigating, and what they have been pursuing QUIETLY since January:


Allegations that Department or FBI policies or procedures were not followed in connection with, or in actions leading up to or related to, the FBI director’s public announcement on July 5, 2016, and the director’s letters to Congress on October 28 and November 6, 2016, and that certain underlying investigative decisions were based on improper considerations;

Allegations that the FBI deputy director should have been recused from participating in certain investigative matters;

Allegations that the Department’s assistant attorney general for legislative affairs improperly disclosed nonpublic information to the Clinton campaign and/or should have been recused from participating in certain matters;

Allegations that department and FBI employees improperly disclosed nonpublic information; and

Allegations that decisions regarding the timing of the FBI’s release of certain Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents on October 30 and November 1, 2016, and the use of a Twitter account to publicize same, were influenced by improper considerations.

Now, IG Horowitz and his investigators aren't LIMITED to just that; if during their investigation they discover other improper acts by FBI/DOJ officials they can investigate those improper actions as well.

Note the 1st issue Horowitz was tasked with investigating: that's Comey's decision not to press charges against Hillary Clinton & her aides 'despite' the obvious fact the law was broken numerous times relating to classified information.

We now know, thanks to the IG & his special agents investigation into this, that Peter Strzok & others in the FBI 'knew' Hillary & her aides, Cheryl Mills & Huma Abedin, repeatedly lied in their interviews about Hillary's illegal email server.

Clinton/Mills/Abedin insisted to the FBI agents that they never intentionally sent class. info over nonsecure lines. 

Mills & Abedin compounded their lies by claiming they didn't even KNOW about this private server of Hillary's until after she left the St. Dept.

Strzok & others in the FBI at that time had emails in their possession that demonstrated Hillary/Mills/Abedin were sending emails to each other DISCUSSING the private server.

These emails were written, of course, while Hillary was still the Secretary of State. 

So Strzok & other agents in the FBI were very well aware they were being lied to extensively during these interviews. 

New to Fox, is Sarah Carter's making her debut with an Expose on the subject.

And they made a deliberate decision to let them skate.

So 1 of the VERY FIRST THINGS Horowitz established in his investigation was that proper procedures were NOT followed in this investigation of the email server. 

Agents let powerful Democrats boldly lie to them and get away with it.

But, in the course of investigating why FBI agents including Strzok let Hillary & her aides boldly lie to them & then walk away without any charges, IG Horowitz uncovered SOMETHING ELSE.

Not only were FBI agents - who are supposed to be strictly politically neutral at their jobs - giving Democratic politicians & their staff preferential treatment, Horowitz discovers these same FBI agents & others at the DOJ are engaging in blatant political fixing.

In the course of looking into why FBI agents let people tell blatant lies and walk away, Horowitz discovers these same agents making use of the Trump dossier to get a FISA warrant approved for surveillance of the Trump campaign during the election.

IG Horowitz & his special agents then dig into the Trump dossier and how it was used to bolster the case to the FISA court that top Trump campaign team members needed to be investigated/surveilled as possible foreign agents.

Since by August it was know the Trump dossier was an opposition research product of #FusionGPS, it's being used by FBI agents to get a FISA warrant for surveillance of a political campaign is a huge red flag.

In fact, even earlier than this Senator Charles Grassley had become aware of information in which the FBI actually offered to pay $ to the Trump dossier's author, Christopher Steele, to continue his research into Trump. Grassley demands the FBI explain this.

So now IG Horowitz has to investigate the improper use of a political opposition research product by FBI/DOJ officials. There is no way if this dossier was accurately described as political opposition research that it should've been presented to the FISA court.

And it's while researching the Trump dossier that IG Horowitz discovers it's production was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Which tried to HIDE this funding by running the $ through the law firm of Perkins Coie.

By this point, realize what Horowitz has uncovered so far: 

1) FBI agents allowed Hillary & her aides to lie during interviews without ANY consequences

2) FBI agents improperly made use of political opposition research to help launch FISA surveillance of a political campaign

3) Hillary Clinton's campaign illegally tried to hide it's funding of the Trump dossier from the FEC by using a law firm. 

Now here's what ELSE Horowitz discovers: FBI/DOJ officials who made use of this dossier knew it was tied to Hillary & that it was oppo research.

Through study of emails, text messages, phone calls and other records, Horowitz builds a case that demonstrates top FBI/DOJ people knew this Trump dossier was tied to the HRC campaign and the only way they could use it in FISA court was to MISREPRESENT IT to the judge.

IF Strzok & other FBI/DOJ people had ACCURATELY presented the dossier to the FISA court, it would have been inadmissible as political propaganda/oppo research. 

Instead, they chose to present it as the result of INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY work.

The case Strzok & others were making to the FISA court to get that surveillance warrant was that top Trump people were likely COMPROMISED and working as AGENTS OF A FOREIGN POWER, namely Russia.

And instead of saying "And here's our proof, stuff from a dossier compiled by a former MI6 guy being paid by the HRC campaign thru #Fusion GPS!" 

the FBI/DOJ decided to BOLSTER their case for the warrant by misrepresenting where this information came from.

Let me explain here it is a SERIOUS CRIME to misrepresent your evidence to the FISA court to pretend you have probable cause to believe people are acting as foreign agents & they need to be wiretapped & surveilled.

At this point, IG Horowitz and his special agent investigators had to be HORRIFIED by what they had discovered.

Now the question becomes: why were FBI/DOJ officials so DETERMINED to get this FISA surveillance of the Trump campaign? 

To the point they would commit the crime of misrepresenting the origin/nature of the Russian info in the Trump dossier to the FISA court?

And the answer is: as an 'insurance policy' in case Trump won the election.

Look at all the Strzok text messages that have been released from the IG's investigation thus far. 

Did he think Trump was dirty and just chock full of Russian collusion? 

Yes he did.

The reason top FBI/DOJ people were determined to get the Trump campaign under FISA-approved surveillance was so they could begin collecting EVIDENCE of all the Russian/foreign collusion they just KNEW Trump & his team MUST be engaging in.

Remember: Hillary's foreign entanglements/corruption were WELL KNOWN to all the highly placed people in the Obama regime. People in the FBI/DOJ knew all about them because they'd just spent EIGHT YEARS making sure she got away with it all. did these same people view Trump last year leading up to the election? 

From their own writings, we know they believed Trump is just as corrupt as Hillary, if not MORE so. 

So how hard would it be to build a case against him if they get surveillance? Hmm.

Given that these people think Trump is even more corrupt that Hillary & must be setting up numerous pay-to-play schemes for himself leading up to the election, and certainly after WINNING it, finding evidence of Russian collusion would be CAKE.

Remember also: at the time Strzok & Ohr and all these others are engineering this FISA court surveillance, they hoped to uncover crimes they could use BEFORE the election to sink Trump's chances to win.

After Trump won the election, the FISA surveillance was SUPPOSED to now be used as an 'insurance policy' to find evidence of Trump corruption & hopefully lead to his quick impeachment.

And here's what's to funny about all of this: They got the surveillance they wanted and they found....NOTHING.

There were no pay-to-play schemes being set up, no illegal secret deals being done.

As I've been saying for going on 9 months now, if any smoking gun had been produced from any of this, it'd have leaked long ago.

Instead of finding any evidence from this FISA surveillance they can use to damage/impeach Trump, what Stzok & others ended up having to do was go after @GenFlynn for making perfectly legal phone calls to the Russian ambassador & manufacturing a process crime.

So here's what IG Horowitz's report is going to show: a highly partisan FBI/DOJ engaged in blatant political fixing to let Democrats skate from serious crimes while actually BREAKING THE LAW to try to nail/manufacture cases against Trump's incoming administration.

Michael E. Horowitz, remember that name. 

Once Democrats & DNC Media figure out what he's done, what he's been doing and who's going to prison as a result, what they did to Ken Starr in the 1990's is going to look mild.

Ken Starr's investigation led to Bill Clinton's impeachment. Michael Horowitz's investigation will have far greater results and will actually to people going to prison for violating their offices and their oaths. 


Hey man, unroll this, why don't cha'?!