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★★★★The No. 1 most popular of Dennis Pragar's videos. Shot prior to the November 2016 election. It's still valid only more so today 8:53 ★★★Autonomous Weaponized Mini Drones of the Future. - Absolutely Frightening. Includes short simulation. 7:47
★★★Spartan Leather - Documentary on all veteran, custom leather working.
Made in Texas USA 07:31
★★Dennis Prager Destroys Never-Trumper "Canadian American" David Frum on the alleged Russia "hacking" of elections and the mainstream media". 15:08
★★★O'Reilys first appearance on Fox since leaving - with Sean Hannity. Great to see him back. 24:40 ★★Rush Limbaugh's recent chat with Sean Hannity. A quote "The Reason America is still America, is in this Room". 17.09
★★★★Austin Texas - Admiral William H. McRaven's University of Texas at Austin Commencement Address "Inspiring: Change the World by Making Your Bed".24:40 ★★Austin Texas - Recent Protest of President Trump's Visit to Austin. The right side for a change. 10:37
★★★Trump's United Nations Speech. Clean Edit - no network banners. (Trump points fingers begins at 12:50 . 41:00 60 Minutes Charlie Rose, first ever TV interview, of Steve Bannon. 27:00
★★CBS "Journalist" gets Triggered by being called a Snowflake. Conservative millennial, Allie Beth Stuckey breaks down 'signs of snowflakery'. - 3:17 Everyday, North Koreans are told "the Americans are imperialists" and children are taught we are "cunning wolves". To understand why,,, 3:11
★★Thomas Sowell on The Effects of Victimology ...liberals have wreaked more havoc on blacks than the supposed "legacy of slavery" they talk about' - 14:51 Morgan Freeman Says "Race is a good excuse for not getting there", Leaving CNN Embarrassed And Speechless 7:20
★★Ill Gov. Rauner talks Chicago's sanctuary city & budget. A lesson in how to avoid, circumvent, dodge, elude, sidestep an answer. And he's a Republican?! 8:40 Pressure Building to Pass National Reciprocity after what happens to "accidental" Travelers in New York. 5:45
★★Judge Jeanine Pero speaks her mind on who should be indicted for past crimes. All those familiar names you know. 7:04 ★★★Dennis Prager is invited to Oxford University to debate; Are Arab non-secular extremist militants more of an obstacle to peace than a secular Jewish state. 12:21
Who is Imran Awan? The just arrested, personal aid of former DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz. 3:04 ★★★The New Feminism for the 21st Century by lifelong feminist and former National Organization for Women member, Tammy Bruce. 5:10
★★Norman Jewison 1966 comedy movie of the same name couldn't make you laugh more. 9:30 ★★Why Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee quit his job and Congress all together. In his own words. 8:02
★★Antonia Okafor, a young, single, black woman, recently discovered that's she's a racist, sexist, misogynist. How in the world did this happen? She Explains 4:37 ★★Jay Stephens went into her elite liberal arts college a social justice warrior....and graduated as a get-off-my-lawn conservative. How did that happen? 4:22
★★Raheel Raza of the Clarion Project is a politically Incorrect practicing Muslim and has some intersting words in this introduction. 1:43 ★★So what do you know about Israel - its Politics, Religion & Ethnicity? Its all here. 14:10
★★97% - The Truth About Climate Change - AKA Global warning with John Stossel 6:30 ★★Should this Man be allowed to race as a Woman? Transsexuals in the world of sports. 6:50
★★Trump Voter Feels Betrayed By President After Reading 800 Pages Of Queer Feminist Theory 2:05 ★★Nebraska's Senator Ben Sasse on "The Vanishing American Adult" - says young people in the U.S. are failing to launch. 6:46