Sarasota's, Herald Tribune and its constant leftward tilt.

We all know that our Sarasota newspaper, The Herald Tribune, is slanted heavily to the left. More subtle than their obvious editorials is their choice of headlines as compared to other papers.

Recently the Sarasota Patriots started taking pictures of some significant differences in headlines as compared to the Wall Street Journal and have posted both below. The second being that of the Sarasota Herald.

In addition to the actual wording, the Herald's is a work of art in presenting headlines in their choice of font and size which can also work towards their leftward slant..

The bottom line is, the newspaper (along with our "TV Station") is where young apprentice liberals come to work and to get their feet wet - their diploma in media - before heading off to the big cities.

The below is being added to periodically with the most recent on top. -Scan down.