La La Land ? Moonlight

With what you know of Hollywood, you decide.
RE: the faux-pas that concluded the 2017 Academy Awards.

Incident begins 2:40

Well, that was nuts, even for Hollywood.
Let's be clear: the Oscars were already a fairly ridiculous exercise. A cathedral of glamour and ego, the movie industry's annual awards conclave is a bloated exercise of hype and self-satisfaction that takes as long to complete as the second year of medical school. This is, of course, why we watch it.

As you may be aware, at the conclusion of the award evening, the "Best Picture" award went first to (everybody's favorite) La La Land. When the mistake was realized and award recipients were already making their acceptance speeches, a Price-Waterhouse spokesman rushed to the stage and said there has been a mistake. The Best Picture award goes instead to Moonlight, an artsy, coming-of-age film about a black gay man. It won only two other Oscars, for supporting actor, Mahershala Ali and adapted screenplay!

Oscar voters also honored black actors for both supporting-actor categories one of which was the first black woman to win an Oscar, Tony and Emmy. The fact is, in 2017, the Oscars made history by awarding a record-breaking number of Oscars to African Americans.

You may remember the 2016 Oscars where there were few black nominations let alone winners. The Academy drew howls of protests for their lack of diversity and which were "even worse than 2015".

So this year, it looks like the Academy's Judges made up for past sins. Whether Hollywood was forgiven is another story.

In Addition the best Picture Award also shined the light on homosexuality pleasing, no doubt, the LBGT community, which brings us to the intended question.

Could it be possible that such an esoteric artsy film that few Americans saw, and only in the last seconds after the umpire called a touchdown for the other team, was chosen as "BEST PICTURE". Kind of reminds one the the stunning last minute Super Bowl win only a month earlier.

Or maybe Moonlight was chosen for a montage of heterogeneous diversity.

Viewer / Facts:
Neilson says Moonlight had the lowest numbers of viewers since 2008 at 32.9 million versus 34.3 in 2016.
Barry Jenkins says " 'Moonlight' was the second lowest grossing "best picture" in modern history -$22 Million, ahead of only 'Hurt Locker' in 2009 at $14.4 Million".