Fox News host Laura Ingraham lashes out at the Bush family for their lack of support for President Trump.

“Neither Bush, we found out, voted for Donald Trump,” Ingraham said of George H.W. Bush admitting that he didn’t vote for the billionaire. “George H.W., in a new book, called Trump a ‘blowhard.’ One thousand points of insult.”

Ingraham then chided former Presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush for not speaking out during former President Obama’s two terms in office.

“To Bush 41 and Bush 43, where were you when we needed you during Obama’s two terms? We needed you then to speak out against outrages that were being perpetrated on the American public. Against ObamaCare, after Benghazi, how about when the IRS was targeting conservatives. Where were you when we needed you? Silent, crickets, totally silent. Or did we have to read your lips?" she said.

Ingraham concluded that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton should have run on the same ticket because Republicans are “simply not that into” the Bush family “anymore.”