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A Small, Friendly & Enthusiastic Bunch.

The Sarasota Patriots and their web page were establish in 2009 spurred on by the election of Barrack Hussein Obama. We are a group of like-minded individuals in Southwest Florida that concur on most of social and fiscal issues facing us today. We demand government accountability & preservation of our Constitutional rights and freedoms and support only candidates that do. We abhor the recent decline in morality, especially during the Obama administration. We loathe the increased special interests and corruption in Washington.

This website expresses those views as submitted by its members and numerous outside sources, and it is being updated all the time.

Furthermore, the Sarasota Patriots practices what we preach: small government, no red tape and no ties that bind. We have no board of directors, and no advisory board. We don't live under the umbrella of another organization. We have no treasurer and no bank account. Finally, we are not a tea party group although sympathetic with them on many issues.

We are truly a grass roots organization of Patriots that beats our own drum. We meet the first Tuesday of the month at the Waldemere Firehouse in Sarasota, and have monthly speakers on topics of current interest. Many are of national renown. Where we direct you to a You Tube video, we have a copy on our own server should it disappear one day.

Members send all submissions to the following Email address:

New member questions? Use same e-mail address and please tell us a bit about yourself. And thank you for stopping by.

*MOST IMPORTANT: Must include the third word of the Preamble to the Constitution. to allow mail to go forward.

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