Feds start talking about 'Black Sky' catastrophe

It’s been called a matter of “when, not if.” Some of the most powerful people in the world are meeting to discuss how the world will react to a “Black Sky” event, a large-scale catastrophe that would disrupt the functioning of critical national infrastructure such as power supplies.

And exercises are already under way to plan how the world will cope with the inevitable disaster.

“Earth Ex,” an “Emergency All-sector Response Transnational Hazard Exercise” featuring “a remarkable range of corporations, government agencies and NGOs on three continents,”  took place on Aug. 23. The “invite only” event, featuring “new exercise tools”from the Department of Homeland Security, had the objective of improving “community resilience to long duration power outage events through cross-sector exercises,” and was scheduled to last for four hours.

Different “operational lanes” have been established for different kinds of institutions, including “federal government,” “state government” and those for utilities and the private sector.

“Individual and Family Preparedness” also was one of the “operational lanes” identified in Earth Ex’s June 15, 2017, final planning document.

The Electric Infrastructure Security Council, which hosted the exercise and is staffed by former high-ranking government officials and corporate leaders from a number of allied nations including Israel, argues the connectedness of global infrastructure actually makes catastrophe more likely.

The EIS Council declares:

“Today’s lifeline infrastructures are interconnected and resourced on unprecedented scales, with supply chains spanning the nation and, increasingly, the world. With this growing integration and global reach, they have brought us remarkable capabilities. At a price.”

“Concerns have grown over the potential for severe malicious or natural ‘Black Sky’ hazards associated with subcontinent scale, long duration power outages, with cascading failure of all our other increasingly interdependent infrastructures. This creates a grim and difficult dilemma: Restoration of any sector will only be possible with at least minimal operation of all the others.”

Recently, 200 experts from 24 countries and dozens of states met to discuss how to prepare for a Black Sky event. The Washington, D.C., summit was hosted by Rep. Yvette Clark, D-N.Y.; Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz.; and several British leaders.

Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilianda, a former member of the Florida House of Representatives who attended the summit, wrote in USA Today such meetings are necessary because a Black Sky catastrophe is inevitable.

“Our work is to learn about, discuss and plan for the inevitability of large-scale catastrophe, referred to as the ‘Black Sky events’: extreme weather, mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism, high-altitude electromagnetic pulse, Intentional Electromagnetic Interference, and coordinated physical assault …” wrote Vasilianda. “It’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’ a Black Sky event will occur. The time is now for each of us to do all we can to be resilient, to prevent – but also to prepare to restore and rebuild.”

Carl Gallups, a pastor, former law-enforcement official and author of “Be Thou Prepared,” says ordinary Americans need to do more to safeguard themselves. While the rich and powerful are clearly preparing for catastrophe, he intoned, the average person seems unaware of looming threats.

“The federal government is meeting with 200 experts from 24 countries preparing for a Black Sky event,” he said. “They’re telling us. It’s not if. It’s just when. This is going to happen, somewhere, sometime, and they’re saying, ‘We need to be prepared as nations and you need to be prepared as families and churches.’

“Are churches prepared? My family’s prepared. We’re not going to go hide under a log and eat grubs. We have food and water and clothing and weapons and ammunition stored in various places. And we know how to do it without being crazy about it. That’s what my book is about.”

Jeffrey Yago, author of “Lights On: The Non-Technical Guide to Battery Power When the Grid Goes Down,” recently told “The Hagmann Report” one electromagnetic pulse device, or EMP, could wreak nationwide havoc coast to coast.

In the interview, Yago warned the government is preparing to defend itself, but is not preparing to defend the people.

“It seems like most of the preparation this country has been doing is just for continuation of government,” Yago said. “They certainly are doing preparations and making facilities available for the government, but not only are they not doing anything for the people, but I think they made a decision years ago that it’s just physically not possible for the government to be able to provide food and shelter and water for millions of people if we have a grid-down event.”

Gallups argues churches will be one of the most critical institutions in the case of a Black Sky event, and he urged pastors to take charge of making preparedness a priority for their congregations. He maintains such actions are simply part of the Christian tradition.

Furthermore, he says a back-to-basics approach, in which Americans would learn how to survive without electricity, would simply be a way for Americans to reconnect with how their ancestors lived not long ago.

“They used to do it,” Gallups said of early Americans. “The pioneers who settled our country in the United States, that’s how they lived. They canned food. They raised their own food. They stored up. They learned how to sew and to make their own shoes. That’s how we lived until about 50, 60, 70 years ago. Now you start talking about it and people think you’re some kind of conspiracy theorist. Well, wait ’til the Black Sky event happens to you.”


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Iincluded here an old National Gergraphic Special (VIDEO) which will outline other areas of concern; WATER, FOOD AND FIREARMS.


Back during the prepper fixation (early Obama)…..

By Sandy Estabrook

I wrote a tongue-in-cheek article about buying a CB Radio for when and if Obama turned off the internet. Or in the case of Cyber Attack as outlined in a CBS featured segment on 60 Minutes.
Then in November of 2011 Obama decided to conduct the first ever national test of our Emergency Alert System. In essence, the the Federal Emergency Management Agency would seize control of all television and civilian communication as so ordered by the executive branch! That got a lot of folks nervous. 

What was presented as a Cyber attack in that 60 minutes video could well have resulted in Marshal Law. After all Obama had stated his intention to have civilian security force more powerful than the military." Then Obama's chief of staff has said, "Never let a good a good crises go to waste."  It is not our intention to get into the politics of such a move - we aren't going there. 

Still we have to insert, the situation still remains under Trump. Not for the purposeful evil intentions of Obama or his distain for our country but rather for Trump’s tough medicine  and his “Weak Dollar Policy” that will be necessary to correct our 20 trillion dollar debt. Add to that, the general scorn for Trump by the new democrats an leftists. 

SO THE PURPOSE OF THIS ARTICLE is to throw out some ideas for difficult times that might lie ahead be they a result of the aforementioned, political unrest, severe economic upheaval or even natural disaster. Earthquakes are on the rise and so are our sea levels. Hell, even Lake Ontario is over flowing as of spring ’17. (the seaway is slow in expelling the surplus H2O due to winter & spring rains and more rain).

ELECTRICITY FIRST. Have you ever thought about what happens in a prolonged outage. Most of us have had experienced then for up to a day, maybe two. I for one experienced eight a half days because of catagory 4 Hurricane Gloria in late September 1985. We had few problems as I had prepared for just such an event and had bought a generator a year prior. It was hooked to my frig, a few lights, TV (not cable) for the news, and the oil burner as it got pretty cold at night. Oh, I even ran an extension chord to my daughters fish tank.

Here is a clue to what might happen today as was for us the case back then. Namely I couldn't find a gas station within 25 miles that had electricity to run their pumps. So after two days my generator was out. I eventually found  a station who had it's own generator about 25 miles away. 

Idealy I wouldn't want to store Gasoline for that purpose for fear of an explosion. A DIESEL generator on the other hand would be great and I already had one diesel Car - A VW Rabbit with an after market 10 Gallon tank added. That's 20 gallons at close to 50 mpg - Not bad! And as some of you may have guessed, living up north, I tapped into my home heating oil for the car. Lesson here next time get a diesel generator (although they are not cheap).

So what would happen if we lost our electricity here in Florida for an extended period? Communications would of course be gone or at least until their battery backup runs out. But we'll come back to communications later.

When Gloria hit, we lived in a self sufficient home, meaning I had community well water. I needed no electrically run water pump. And there there was no treatment plants in line. The big thing is I had my own septic system - something most of us took for granted before moving to our cookie cutter community in Florida. Most of us had no need for electric pumping and lift stations for our sewerage. Imagine just how much time one might have today without electricity before the toilets back up. So we'd be dead in out tracks here in deeded neighborhoods and then even a generator would be of limited use.

On the latter - Power is out so no internet (even if you have a generator). With a generator you could charge things like a cell phone but the cell tower would likely run out of standby power in a couple days. Your land line's are down too. Mainly because we don't use those old fashion “copper wire” - plug in and ring, phones anymore. Most of our home phones now connect via a modem with a 24 hr back up limit. If you are lucky enough to use traditional land lines be sure  one of your phones doesn’t also need to plugged into wall outlet for power (in addition to the phone line). Message here, get yourself one old style princess phone that doesn't require an AC plug. At least it will ring till the phone company goes down. Also you will have to live in an area where the old copper lines are still available.

Is there any sure fire way for any communications in a disaster? Absolutely yes but only to those folks who think like us. We started this discourse mentioning CB radio - That would work. So would Marine VHF radio even Ham (amateur) radio. One or all would work for your purpose AKA local or long distance. And all services offer hand held (walkie-talkie) devices. We'll explain the differences later.

Now we come to a biggie - TRANSPORTATION. Your tanks are full - good for 300-400 miles. You want to drive to Atlanta. You don't know if and where you might find fuel. So you fill-up some gas cans from  station you know is open, and head out on your trip. With 4 - 5 gallon jugs of gasoline sloshing around in your trunk! Even if you have no travel plans at the moment, storing those gas cans in your garage is prescription for disaster UNLESS DIESEL - we now own two. (It's just to bad we don't oil heat our home even the few times we need to). For what it is worth, All German car makers VW, Audi, BMW and Mercedes are now offering 2-3 models in diesel. (The only good thing that came out of Mercedes short ownership of Chrysler is they added a 3 liter Mercedes diesel option to their Jeep line - discontinued now). Diesel is often more expensive in fall and winter when heating oil demand goes up, but you wont blow your self up storing it. One could easily drive a 1200 mi. without a fill up.

I know what you are thinking. New VW diesels are now off market (2017) and used ones demand a premium despite VW’s pleading guilty for manipulating the EPA numbers. Luckily we still have one. We think Audi has similar problems. As far as other German Diesels  you’ll have to research that yourself.

Our first priority in a disastrous event will probably be communications. We will want to contact loved ones & friends elsewhere, which will probably be impossible unless by prearrangement. But it should be comforting to know there will be others NEAR BY out there like you that you can communicate with. Again that's only if they have planned ahead for such an eventuality.

The easiest is CB and it doesn't require household power. It simply plugs in your car's cigarette lighter socket. A magnetic antenna easily affixes to the roof with wire running through your window. It offers 40 AM channels and has a practical range to to 10 miles. It's limited to 4 watts and prone to static. An in home installation with roof top antenna works far better (if you have the power).

Now we come to Marine VHF. This service has its own protocol and use for marine applications only and often overlooked because it is illegal to use one on land in normal times. But in a crunch situation, what's the difference. The units are readily available at any marine supply store. Each FM channel of the 80 available are normally assigned for specific use. A walkie talkie model has a power of 5 watts and a line of sight range of 3-4 miles. Console models for boats are 25 watts and have a line of sight range of 25 miles. They too can be easily operated in your car and powered by it's 12 volt system and are clear of static.

Note: As with any walkie talkie, you'll have to have batteries available. And some use charge-up batteries unique to that model - stay away from that type unless you have the means to charge them. You can always barter for batteries.

Lastly Ham (Amateur) Radio. No doubt the best simply because of the wider range of frequencies to suit atmospheric conditions. I might add with all the frequencies this service would be harder to jam and an easier place to hide. Ham Radio uses in addition to AM & FM also SSB (single side band) transmission to extend its range. Add to this, some frequencies allow 1000 watts of power so transmission's world wide are common. The Big However is, you have to be technically minded to use this service. Although morse code is no linger needed, in normal times you would still need a license. As for power, on the long distance frequencies a large antenna is requires and a lot of power so a generator would be necessary. Their high bands - 2 Meter (144 MHz) are however very popular in portable applications. and in normal times used for local emergency operations.

NOTE: One thing about radio there is no IP address. In other words you don't have the identifying number associated with an internet connection. A broadcaster is anonymous. But if you are always transmitting from a fixed antenna, your location could be triangulated. 

In summary I've put the emphasis here on just the LACK of ELECTRICITY side of an National disaster and the eventual problems. My intent was to bring to your intention the consequences of such an event that most folks would over look especially in the area of communications.