Tuesday December 4th will go down in Sarasota Patriots history as the first CHANGE OF WATCH in our clubs history. It was the day that our endearing and faithful Leader Beth Colvin retired after ten years. She has chosen a successor who has spoken to us twice, one who is well connected in the political arena and a true Patriot in his own right. 

But we'll let Beth make the introduction. (December 04, 2018)


Hello my Patriotic Friends!

CAVU...ceiling and visibility unlimited.

December is finally here...the most favorite time of the year if you're  a child that is.....I welcome you all to our final meeting of 2018.  It brings promise of being truly unique because it will be the very last meeting organized by me.  

It is with great pleasure and great sorrow that I am handing over the night brigade to  (drum roll) Mr. John Michael Chambers. Yes John has offered to be the master of ceremonies/organizer for 2019.  I am so very grateful and I know most of you are already acquainted with John.  He starts my day with many posts on his facebook page Eye on the World.  John lives part time in Thailand and the rest of the year in the United States.  He wrote the book Trump and the Resurrection of America. John loves America like tonight's guest speaker Trevor Loudon.  

He is extremely well connected with well known speakers, authors, and statesmen.  He will continue the meeting right here at the firestation on the 1st Tuesday of each month beginning in February since New Years Day is the 1st Tuesday in January. But before he speaks to you of the transition I want to give each one of you a huge hug for being solid Patriotic Americans.  

Some of you were with us from our conception before we had a name & now we have over a quarter million visitors to our Sarasota Patriot webpage thanks to Sandy Estabrook our web guru.  Stand up Sandy! We have met for a decade mostly here in this room free of charge.  We have had internationally known guests like tonights' guest. We've met at the Hyatt Hotel and we've met at the Kissing Statue and we've met at Mattison's 41 and at Waterfrontoo.  We are a motley crew and our conversations glisten with passion.  I've said we are a brain trust and this I firmly believe.  You are what kept me going.  It was a continual challenge to bring the best our way.  It was a monthly headache to write my script.  I did miss two meetings in 10 years.  I owe you some of the best years of my life. 

I am not a joiner.  I joined the tri-delt sorority at the U. of WA. with 125 women and left before my third year. I also joined the Malibu Women's Club and served as their President for 2 years. Neither one of these were wonderful experiences for me.  I joined a tennis team and became the Capt and resigned after one season. I was always interested in politics one way or another and remember voting for Barry Goldwater and having a can of gold water in my fridge.  

I was entrenched with Nixon when he was testifying. I loved Ronald Reagan and we helped a hispanic and her family get amnesty. We travelled on a cruise with World Net Daily and Joseph Farah's family.  It was wonderful.  When I saw and heard Obama I was determined to work for his opposition.  This is when the Sarasota Patriots were born. I have been faithful to my husband ever since we met and I've been faithful to the Sarasota Patriots too.  You all hold a special place in my heart and always will. Jack Colvin (Jackie Boy) and the Sarasota Patriots are my two passions! It will be a challenge to reinvent myself but that's what I must do.

John tells us Trump has set mousetraps all over to catch the Deep State and QAnon is assisting in this.  There are thousands of indictments ready to be set in motion. They have been sealed so those incriminated are not so likely to flee. It is with great pleasure I introduce John Chambers who will give you a glimpse of what to expect in 2019.  Remember if you want to make everyone happy, don't be a leader, sell ice cream! Let's give a huge warm welcome to your next leader John Michael Chambers!!

Let's stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance as we have for 10 years now.  I am an American and I pledge......

Please remain standing and give a moment in silence for George H W Bush. Our prayer for the evening consists of saying altogether now GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP.  I am reminded of how the USA is the best country of all 195 nations. Jack and I travelled to Central America just last week with 15 others.. we travelled to the Cayman Islands, Roatan Honduras, to Belize, and Cozumel Mexico. Except for the fact that I am living with about 30 bug bites possibly from visiting the Zoo in Belize it was a inexpensive fun trip that reminds me of how very lucky we are to be born in the USA!!!

I must mention our patriot  Barbara Vaughn is home recuperating from a quintuple bypass. Pray for her please.

I am calling upon our dear friend Tamzin Rosenwasser to introduce our main guest tonight.  Tamzin is a life-long dog lover and trainer, she realizes that her dogs have better access to medical care and more medical privacy than we have, and her veterinarians are paid more than physicians in the United States for exactly the same types of surgery. Tamzin spoke to this group twice. Tamzin practises medicine in Lafayette Indiana. She also writes op-eds for the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons where she was President and still serves on it's Board of Diretors.  Let's give Tamzin a warm welcome!!