This opinion was passed along to the SRQPATS by Beth Colvin - longtime friend and follower of its author. 


BY Pericles Elytis Nikitaras: 

Ok, folks, bear with me here as I ruminate out loud with a few recent observations from various other posts and threads. This is my first Q-like post, unpacking the various boards and posts and the seemingly unrelated details;

At the top of the list of players here, we all know Trump hired the former Southern District of NY US Attorney, the guy who took down the mob in NYC, Rudy Giuliani, as his personal lawyer.

Trump also just recently brought in a new general: Barr—he was the guy who was promoted from Deputy Attorney General to Attorney General during that same huge, New York City organized crime takedown—spearheaded by Rudy, in the early 90’s, from 1990-1993. Barr is now the US Attorney General, replacing Jeff Sessions, who was asked to step down. It’s Barr’s second time in the AG seat.

Letting Sessions go was what we call in chess a “revealed attack”. Barr was right behind him and nobody saw it coming.

Robert Mueller, a Bush appointee, former director of the FBI, was the US Assistant Attorney General, criminal division at that time of that massive mob takedown.

From 1990 to 1993, Rod Rosenstein prosecuted public corruption cases as a trial attorney with the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division. Robert Mueller was his boss. Trump appointed Rosenstein Deputy Attorney General. Rosenstein was the one who recommended firing James Comey.

Just setting the stage here, so far.

Here’s another piece: It is now coming out through declassified documents that Trump helped Rudy and the US attorney’s office in the Southern District of NY take down the five organized crime families. That’s been leaking out on the boards in some very heavily-redacted document releases.

Mueller’s NY Southern District legal team of US attorneys included Patrick Fitzgerald, who, in 1993, assisted in the prosecution of Mafia boss John Gambino, and Andy McCarthy.

In 1994, Fitzgerald became a lead prosecutor in the case against Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and 11 others charged in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Why is this relevant? First these guys set up undercover sting operations to take down organized crime and the five crime families. Then they immediately set up a brilliant undercover sting operation to take down the Blind Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, and his vast organized Muslim terrorist crime syndicate.

Rahman was the guy who masterminded the first WTC bombing. The undercover sting was designed, executed and then prosecuted brilliantly by a team that included Patrick J. Fitzgerald, Robert S. Khuzami and Andrew C. McCarthy. They infiltrated mosques and had embedded Middle Eastern agents in the sheik’s home! The sheik’s right-hand man—the one who led him around because he was blind— was an undercover agent wearing a wire!

How do I know all this? Well, it turns out that Fitzgerald (we called him “Fitz”), was best friends with my good friend Doug, who would later become my best man.

Fitz and Khuzami needed a place to chill out and hide out after the sting, as the trial heated up. They were crushed with work and needed some rest and fun. My future best man and I, along with some other folks, shared a big, Jersey Shore beach house during that same time period, so we invited Fitz and Khuzami to join our summer house, and they did.

We heard all about the crafting of the sting firsthand over late-night cocktails on the porch.

I think Andy McCarthy guested with us too. Remember Andy? He’s a columnist for The National Review now. He’s been very closely focused on the Deep State and has written some great articles about it. Andy is also very close to Devin Nunes, who has been driving the Deep State roundup all along.

What’s the point of all this?

Take a close look at the backgrounds of the attorneys Trump has around him: criminal work of the highest order. All criminal prosecutors specializing in organized crime and treason/subversion/terrorism against the United States. And they’ve all worked together and created sting operations to take down organized groups of huge criminals. They’re brilliant guys. Crusaders really, against crime. And they’re all friends. And they’re all Republicans. And Trump has helped them in the past.

What exactly is the Deep State, if not a treasonous, subverting, foreign-affiliated and colluding organized crime network?

Trump will likely use this gang of criminal prosecutors to destroy the swamp. The methodology is becoming a bit more clear now, but there’s no doubt he’s a fighter, and he counterpunches hard.

Candidate Trump beat all the odds to become President, all the while running a broad US tuneup program to Make America Great Again, he was then victorious over a nasty, bloodless Deep State coup. Tax cuts, border issues and the wall, China, North Korea, trade tariffs, judge appointments, leaks inside the White House. All that in two years!

The people in D.C. who know the connections between Trump, Giuliani, Barr, Mueller, Rosenstein etc. have figured out what's coming down the pike. They’re panicking now that they see the revealed attack move. They don’t know whether to shit or wind their watches.

The folks in Washington are Schiffing their pants over this, now that Mueller has reached his conclusion of no collusion and has handed the report over to AG Barr.

The chessboard is in place. Connect the dots and stay tuned, folks.

The organized crime special-prosecuting unit is back in town, and they’re pissed off.

Should be fun to watch.