Remember Radio? First AM (amplitude modulation) then FM  (frequency modulation)? Well if you still listen its probably just in your car and to the local stations of your region.

I still listen rather faithfully to AM radio but not to 77WABC's 50,000 watt tower of Rock & Roll's power on the east coast. I listen to Talk Radio.

Of course in and out of my car but more often than not on my iPhone using one of my apps. I do this too in my car in summer because at our summer cottage we cant get my accustomed to stations back home and there is no local affiliate. This is particularly handy on the long trip getting here as surely I'd be changing radio stations every 30 to 50 miles (maybe longer at night).

When it comes to using your iPhone in your car most all cars of the last 5 years have a 'bluetooth" wireless connection or a direct plug audio connection. My car has "Car Play" which in essences moves your chosen apps from your phone to your Car's dash board screen including the GPS too.

But back to your choice of radio Apps. Up front I will say I seldom use the apps I initially installed. Some only work with selected syndications like iHeartRadio. But the main reason is simply because you have to know the radio station you want, when most of us want to choose just the Talk Show personality. I'll admit I use one of the original apps "TuneInRadio" for a station back home for local news now and then. But for the most part I use "TalkStreemLive". It affords one to choose the Talk Show host you want if he/she is broadcasting even  those on a delayed basis as many are.

Of course, If you choose for example Sean Hannity you can always get him live but if you are late you might be hearing his broadcast from a California based station which is 3 hours later that the original broadcast in NY. The only downside is you cant call in with a question, but you will smile when your hear how the traffic is jammed up on the LA Freeway. Many broadcasts are also repeated at slow times on weekends too.

Using "TalkStreemLive" you'll see many folks you dont know. And there are others that speak on subjects of interest such as sports, tech, finance etc. Below are two listings of the most popular.

One is for over the Air broadcasts the other is for streaming. You will see a big difference. We did not include Satellite Radio.

AM/FM stations

Over the air "(Talkers Radio)"

1 Sean Hannity* (NY WABC 3-6pm)

2 Rush Limbaugh* (NY WOR Noon-3)

3 Dave Ramsey* (Nashville WLAC 2-5pm)

4 Mark Levin* (NY WABC 6-9pm)

5 Michael Savage* (SF KSFO 3-6pm)

6 Laura Ingraham* (DC WTNT 9-Noon)

8 Mike Gallagher* (NY WABC 9-Noon)

9 Glen Beck* (Dallas KLIF 9-Noon)

10 George Noory* (1-5 AM)

12 Joe (Pags) Pagliaruls

13 Lars Larson

14 Howir Carr

15 Brian Kilmeade

16 Hugh Hewitt*   (LA KFI 6-9AM)

17 Jim Bohannon (Orig repl Larry King Nightime)

18 Dana Loesch

20 Doug Stephan

21 Todd Schnitt*

24 Alex Jones

33 Michael Medved*

35 Dennis Prager* (LA KRLA  Noon-3)

36 Bill Cunnunghan* (Sunday Night only)

38 John D.Wells*

40 Kim Komando*

54 Clark Howard*

55 Herman Cain

60 Mark Simone

69 Joe Piscopo

71 Larry Elder*

74 Mark Davis* (Sub for for Bill Bennett & Pragar)

87 Clyde Lewis*


Streaming digitally

Internet "(TalkStreamLive stats)"

1 Rush Limbaugh 16.5

2 Michael Savage 14.8

3 Laura Ingraham 6.8

4 Sean Hannity 5.7

5 Mark Levin 5.5

6 Clyde Lewis 2.8

7 Alex Jones 2.1

8 George Noory 2.1

9 Glenn Beck 1.7

10 Hugh Hewitt 1.6

11 Dennis Prager 1.5

12 Howie Carr 1.5

13 Mike Gallagher 1.1

14 Tammy Bruce 1.0

15 Red Eye Radio 1.0

16 Chris Plante 0.8

17 John Batchelor 0.7

18 The Dana Show 0.7

19 Larry Elder 0.6

20 Brian Kilmeade 0.5

21 IMUS 0.5

22 The Power Hour 0.4

23 Michael Medved 0.4

24 Bill Cunningham 0.4

25 Joe Pags 0.4